Amsterdam Spook

Driven by an unbridled passion for the art of SFX, costumes, make-up, Halloween, horror, storytelling – and creativity without borders, Amsterdam Spook has organised theme parties in Amsterdam since 2000.

“Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Theme parties

From a Communist Russian New Year’s Eve, Roaring 20s and Kill Bill premiere party to our annual Halloween bash, we aim to create an immersive experience – a moment in time that rips you from the clutches of the day-to-day only to dip you in the luscious sweet spot of your alter ego.

Halloween in Amsterdam

For some disturbed souls, Halloween is a stubborn bloodstain that stays sticky 24/7, 365 days a year. Amsterdam Spook channels this obsession and transforms the sticky into splatter in the form of an annual Halloween costume party and Halloween festival. Party-Poster

Every year, the Halloween costume party gets a new theme. We like to nail this theme down early – preferably on 1 November – while it’s still squirming. That way we can spend a full year crafting costumes and décors, find a matching venue and a savoury selection of artists, DJs and performers. We’re out to swallow you whole.

Locations have included Odeon, Felix Meritis, Boom Chicago, Club Arena, Panama. Past party themes have included: The Underworld, Dia de Los Muertos, Mad Science, Freak Show, Dead Famous and Thriller (horror movie).

For the freaks by the freaks

Tamar (aka Amsterdam Spookiest) is all about Halloween. Armed with a background in special effects make-up, an art school degree and a sometimes unhealthy obsession with Halloween, Tamar creates events that are like a hatchet to the head – perhaps somewhat bloody, but always stimulating. And she does this with a community of like-minded creatives, artists and Halloween freaks.

We are hardcore Halloweeners out to create an authentic Halloween. And since 2009, the experience expanded from a mere fancy dress party to a full-blown annual Amsterdam Halloween Festival.

Amsterdam Spook parties spurt forth from a pure passion for Halloween. But it can only truly erupt thanks to sponsors and an inspired team of volunteers. If you want to be part of the show or have a brilliant idea you’d love to share, get in touch! Email us.

Come and join the darkness. See it. Touch it. Hear it. Smell it. Chew it.