Role call for Halloween volunteers, artists & misfits

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Amsterdam Spook puts on an annual Halloween costume party plus festival like no other. And, we do this with a team of creatives, artists, performers, costume builders, makeup artists and fans of the best day of the year. It’s a genuine Halloween put on by the freaks for the freaks.

Love Halloween? Join us!

We spend the year crafting decor, thinking up bizarre concepts and putting together a programme of dark artists & events.

Want to be part of the fun, get covered in glue, paint & pumpkin guts, help decorate and build creepy props? Then contact Kim at to volunteer! We offer passes to Halloween festival events & an experience like no other.

Each year we give Halloween a new theme and each year we come up with all sorts of crazy prop ideas and artists to collaborate with. This year’s rockabilly-50s-meets-classic-monsters theme The MONSTER BASH party will be held at Panama on Saturday, 31 October.

So just what sets Amsterdam Spook’s Halloween apart? Our annual Halloween events are far more than your typical party – we’re driven solely by a passion for Halloween, and intentionally don’t aim for the ‘mass event’ so that every guest can get totally immersed in our very weird ideas.

Artists, DJs, performers

Over 30 artists, DJs and performers are part of Amsterdam Spook’s Halloween Costume Party line-up every year. Have a demonic sock puppet act, nail-in-your-nose routine or another act you think would suit our morbid tendencies? Contact Lisa at