Halloween costume tips & ideas

What are YOU wearing this Halloween?

You can – but you don’t have to dress up scary or gory at a Halloween party. Go as simple or as complex as you like, use your imagination and play. Some people take months to make their outfit, others throw it together the day of. Both ways can turn out brilliant. Some tips below, plus browse photos of past parties, our Pinterest albums or the Spook community on Facebook. Also, check out our list of prop & costume shops in Amsterdam.

Classic Halloween costumes

Classic Halloween costumes include: zombies, monsters, witches, devils, demons, serial killers, horror movie characters, vampires, warlocks & ghosts. Other popular costumes for Halloween are celebrities, joke/puns, super heroes and other pop culture references.

* Pinterest album thousands of images to inspire your Halloween costume

* Instructables how to build just about any costume. Also great for ideas

* Miss Chievous good tutorials on various make-up looks

* Trend hunter jam-packed with costume ideas, images, videos and how-to’s

* Illamasqua incredible make-up

* Costume Idea Zone whole lot of info, but useful tips. Good for group costume ideas

* Lists galore wacky site with good selection of unique costume ideas, like: Clever costume ideas and Brilliant costume ideas

Cabinet of Curiosties costume tips

For our 2018 Cabinet of Curiosties Halloween party, we’re going dark, sensual, gothic. Styles include period punk, sideshow, gothic, burlesque, alchemists & taxidermists, freaks & abominations, fetish, Victorian, Parisian, exotic dignitaries. The ghastly, the sensual, the obscure. Check out our look-books on Facebook or Pinterest!