Halloween by Amsterdam Spook

Welcome to Halloween in Amsterdam! Fueled by a Halloween obsession and bloodthirsty drive to create events that really make a splatter, Amsterdam Spook puts on an annual Halloween Costume Party plus Amsterdam Halloween Festival like no other.

Look out!! It’s just…

Amsterdam Halloween Festival, 25-31 October 2017

Because Halloween should be more just than one night. The 2016 festival offered up 11 days of bloody good fun! Included makeup workshops, all-night movie marathon, kid’s events, and so much more. Highlight of the festival was the DEAD SPACE sci-fi costume party! Check the 2016 Amsterdam Halloween Festival programme for a taste of things to come. Programme will be announced early September.

TOYLAND Halloween costume party, 28 October 2017

Each year we take Halloween to new and unexpected levels, with recent themes including Freak Show, Monster Bash, Mad Science, and last year’s sci-fi themed Dead Space.  This year, we probe deep inside your psyche, to the place you thought you were at your most safe. A familiar, comforting space—revisited in dark and sinister ways. This Halloween, Jigsaw meets Barbie and Chucky comes out to play as your childhood toys unleash their bloody revenge in TOYLAND.

Expect a night of stellar costumes, a killer crowd, a twisted line-up of artists, performers and DJs, and an authentic Halloween vibe that just can’t be beat. Check out part parties for a taste of how we do Halloween.

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