2010: Mad Science

Highlights of Mad Science included a virus & white blood cell battle, shots of yellow liqueur in sample cups, in-house Science Lab with experiments & DNA extracted into wearable test tubes, and a fun line-up of DJs & artists. Held at Boom Chicago, best-dressed at Mad Science won a portrait of their own DNA.

Costumes included sinister surgeons and nurses, computer viruses, H1 N1 Swine Flu, a 7-foot tall hatchet, Jack Sparrow, X Chromosomes, Octomom and CERN officials, a CSI and NCIS crew, mad scientists, clones, and groups of Trees, Voodoo Dolls and genetically-modified plants. Watch the video or check out the photos below and on the Spook Facebook page. Big thanks to photographer Henk ter Horst.

Press (in Dutch): Review DJ Guide // Het Parool (Mijn Amsterdam) // Review Het Parool // Metro // Echo // NL20 // Nachtvlinders // Parool interview

> Winner of the cash prize for Best Group/Duo went to the Voodoo Dolls. Runner up and winner of ‘the clap’ plush virus was the group of genetically modified plants.
> Winner of the cash prize for Most Original costume on the night was the 7-foot tall Hatchet. Runner up and winner of ‘ebola’ plush virus was Octomom.
> The prize (a portrait of their own DNA, sent in from the UK) for Best Themed went to: Two X Chromosomes in homemade dresses with the EXACT banding pattern from the ‘karyotyping’ of an X Chromosome. Yikes. A close runner-up and winner of ‘e. coli’ plush virus was the CERN couple.