2013: Scarytales Halloween

Scarytales Halloween 2013 party was held at the Felix Meritis. With a 2-meter high Pan Labyrinth faun at the door and a historic building filled with every kind of scary tale character imaginable – the costumes were stellar! Acts included a 3 Little Pigs Butcher Shop & Mad Hatter Tea Party.

Artists & DJ lineup

The Felix Meritis was broken up into 4 spaces; the haunted forest (Marchenwald), Rabbit Hole, Trick or Treat, and Hocus Pocus. Scarytales Halloween lineup included DJ Wannabe A Star, Erin Tasmania, HipSick Theatre (Mad Hatter Tea Party & 3 Little Pigs Butcher Shop), Psycho Cru, Dead Pigeons, DJ Raven, Freak du Chique (puppet theatre). Halloween cocktails by the Fabulous Shaker Boys, plus a student makeup competition.

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Choosing the best costumes was extra tough this year! Everyone looked incredible. Best Group costume went to the Army of Cards, with runner up – and equally awesome was the ‘Nightmare on Sesame Street’. Best Themed was the ‘Scarytales Storybook’, runner up was the Fairest Mirror Face. Most Original costume went to a group of 7 people dressed as ‘The Media’ – spinning the scariest tales of all! Very close runner up was the Fish Head.

Photos & shout outs!

A big shout out to the team of 20+ volunteers and group of makeup ROC artists this year who worked hard to make it a stellar night.

A big thanks to David Costa, Jan Blankenstein and Henk ter Horst for the fantastic photos! Check out the Facebook page for more photos.