2014: The Underworld Halloween

Held on the official All Hallow’s Eve 31 October 2014, the theme (and abode) for Amsterdam Spook’s 14th Halloween Costume Party was the afterlife destination for the souls of the dead who were evil and wicked in their mortal lives – The UNDERWORLD.

† The UNDERWORLD Halloween party †

With a line-up including artists, DJs, VJs, champion live body-painter & makeup students, a dominatrix and Horror Rabbits, burlesque starlets and puppeteers, a theatre troupe and a ‘flesh mob’, an aerialist and The Exorcist – we took a sold-out crowd beyond the depths of purgatory, and into the fiery pits of hell.

The venue for this unholy bash was a former chapel: the Hotel Arena club. We even had a wing of the hotel with Halloween rooms on offer!

Dressed to possess

Costumes included all sorts of heretics, those weak to temptation, the lustful and the gluttons, joined by abominations of the underworld – demons, devils and fallen angels, voodoo masters, witch doctors and a pack of 10 Beetlejuices.

* Winner best make-up (cash) Demonic Overlords
* Runner-up best makeup (gift certificate for a Morphsuit + Horror DVDs) Gruesome smile & Demon girl

* Winner Best group/duo (cash) Black demon man and huge bird skull woman
* Runner-up best group/duo (gift certificate for a Morphsuit + Horror DVDs) Undead Roman Warriors

* Winner best themed (cash) Medusa and Apophis
* Runner-up best themed (gift certificate for a Morphsuit + Horror DVDs) The Faun

Photos below by Henk ter Horst. More photos on the Facebook page, Amsterdaminside.nl, Dichtbij.nl and Festival3D.