2017: Toyland Halloween Party

Held on 28 October at the Tolhuistuin, this Halloween the Toys Were After Us! Guests of our sold out Toyland costume party came from across the globe for a night of twisted performances, hand-crafted decor, games, relays, horror cinema, killer DJs, interactive mutant toy workshop and a Halloween vibe that just can’t be beat.

Toyland costumes

Undead Teddy bears, zombie Woody, Pennywise, Chucky, evil dolls, marionettes, Pokeman, bloody vegan Ronald Mc Donald, gothic lolita doll, voodoo dolls, deadly Monopoly game, a group of mutant Barbies – the costumes in Toyland were incredible!

Playground of Horrors

Half of the venue was set up as a playground – with old-school Nintendo games on the big screen, relay races & prizes, a bouncy castle and a Mutant Toy Workshop hosted by the Cardboarders. At the workshop guests got to mutilate and (re) construct their own creepy creation and then create a film clip.


We are thrilled to announce that party animals raised €1,041.27 for the volunteer-run animal ambulance Dierenambulance Amsterdam!

Toyland Halloween photos

Check out a selection of photos below. Photos by Yvette de Wit Photography and Henk ter Horst. For 3D party photos, head to Festival 3D. For news coverage of the night check out AT5’s video. For more videos and photos visit our Facebook page.