2018: Cabinet of Curiosities Halloween Dinner Show

An exclusive, creative crowd joined us for a night of dark storytelling, themed food and obscure performances at our Cabinet of Curiosities Halloween Dinner Show & Party on 28 October. After putting on larger-scale parties for around 1,200 guests for 18 years, we opted to go a bit smaller this year and instead offer up an immersive, unique event for just 100 guests.

Oddities, costumes… and cannibalism

Hosted at Amsterdam’s night theatre Paleis Van de Weemoed – (literally, “the palace of melancholy”), the themed menu included all sorts of tasty entrails and appendages. The show, produced and written by Amsterdam Spook, followed the story of Madame Octavia Spook – a sinister Amsterdam socialite who lands up eating and serving up her guests. The story was narrated by the talented Michael Diederich and included performances by Miss Eva Blue, Belle Dommage and Olifant Takeover. After the dinner & show, doors opened for late guests and DJ Alex Kaseta kicked the party off.

Wunderkammer costumes

Period punk, sideshow, gothic, burlesque, collectors & taxidermists, freaks & abominations, fetish, Victorian, Parisian, exotic dignitaries. Winner of Best Costume was the breathtaking duo Mad Scientist Wunderkammer & Lady Craniometre.

Check out the first round of photos up on our Facebook page.